Property Management

Your Trusted Property Management Company

Are you looking for a dependable rental property management company that can manage, operate, control, rent, and lease your property? Look no further than our sister company, J & J Property Services.

The Value of Investment Properties

Investment properties are excellent strategies for individuals who want to diversify their portfolio, while letting someone else pay down their mortgage. Or, sometimes individuals want to generate an income stream that helps offset the cost of ownership, with the idea that someday they may return to that property.

Who is J & J Property Services?

J & J Property Services is a property management company that provides investors and owners hands-off involvement of their rental properties. We take on the responsibilities associated with the following:

  • Selecting a suitable tenant for the property through the normal means of advertising and listing the property for lease. This involves making sure the property is in acceptable condition to lease, taking pictures of the property, listing the property in multiple listing services, providing signage (if appropriate), conducting showings, and providing the application to lease.
  • Conducting credit and background checks on potential tenants.
  • Creating and executing the lease.
  • Collecting and holding any security deposit in a separate, non-interest bearing account.
  • Collecting lease payments.
  • Depositing funds directly into the owner’s account.
  • Providing owners with a monthly statement.
  • Arranging for any maintenance needed on the property.
  • Conducting walkthroughs with tenants at the beginning and end of the tenancy.
  • Providing any needed communication between the tenant and the owner.
  • Suggesting and arranging preventative maintenance for the property.
  • Transitioning cleaning as needed.
  • Hands-on management and communication with tenants and owners.
  • Property owners will sign a Property Management Agreement that confirms J & J Property Services to be representing the owner. Please note the lease contract is actually between J & J Property Services and the tenant – this provides a degree of owner and tenant separation.

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